Sunday, 6 May 2012

More Towels

One item I love to make is cotton towels. They are fun to weave and worth any experiment once I know the best twill sett for the cotton I use, which is 24 threads per inch.  From there, I start to have fun with bright colours some times, more neutral colours other times.  Many people can't think of using them to dry dishes, so my towels sometimes begin their lives as little table mats.  But they are great for the kitchen or bathroom, or even throwing in your pack for a day trip to use as a small picnic cloth.  Or, any more ideas?

I'm threading this new cotton towel warp of alternating greens, reds and purples, and two shades of purple on the small loom.  The threading order changes and there are twill stripes within the larger colour stripes.  Here is the warp halfway threaded through the wire heddles and sleyed through the reed.  This will be another interesting experiment. :-) 

The big loom has ten woven blankets wound onto the fat front beam and one more left to go ... once my next wool order arrives!

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