Friday, 25 May 2012


Anyone making original products for sale needs to seek, consider and use feedback as much as possible. Artists and craftspeople must create, #1, things they like to make and of which are proud. However, they need to have fun extending their natural boundaries while realizing that what they consider not the greatest success could be someone else's idea of perfection.

A friend came to my studio today to look at blankets.  His wife had checked my website and blogs, so he had a fairly good idea of what they were looking for.  They both were interested in the big green cotton blankets, and he immediately admired the only fringed one, noting the more traditional fringe style (the rest are machine hemmed).  Hmmm, helpful feedback.  We had fun pulling out blankets to observe the patterns and see them fully stretched out.

He ended up taking three blankets home with him to share with the other decision-maker :-) and to test them out together in their home.

I appreciated JM's feedback today - thank you.

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