Friday, 1 January 2016

Products and Prices for 2016

Thank you for clicking on this post to learn more. All prices below are in Canadian dollars and do not include additional taxes for Canadian purchases (PST/GST in BC, HST or GST for provinces and territories).

Please note that specialized design work may be priced higher than what's listed below.

Cotton Towels

100% cotton, machine wash and dry

Hand towels are usually about 65-70 cm (26-28") long and 57 cm (22.5") wide. Different patterns are usually available in many colours. These towels last for a long time and look great throughout, while being very absorbent. $34

Bath towels function similarly to hand towels, but are larger at about 130 cm x 80 cm (51" x 31"). $90

Cotton Blankets

100% cotton, machine wash and dry

Small cotton blankets are usually about 150 cm x 100 cm (59" x 39") and they're perfect for baby blankets, lap blankets or anything else you can think of. $125

Large cotton blankets are approximately 180 cm x 135 cm (70" x 53"). They're great for summer use, or people who just don't like wool. $170 hemmed, $200 fringed

Wool Blankets 

Dry clean, or hand wash carefully

These are Cariboo Handwoven's classic blankets. Most are Shetland wool and approximately 180 cm x 130 cm (70" x 51"). $275

Deluxe wool blankets are made of Shetland wool with handspun wool or alpaca, and usually 180 cm (70") or longer x 135 cm (53") or sometimes a little wider. $325 and up

Any questions, requests for photos, need ideas for gifts - just ask! I enjoy email correspondence that often begins with questions or ideas.  Email me at jane "at" cariboohandwoven "dot" ca, or to my cariboojane "at" shaw "dot" ca address.

Thanks for your interest!

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