Monday, 11 January 2016

Caribbean Waves Mohair Blanket

I think it's safe to blog about this blanket, as I gather the Valentine's Day gift just couldn't be kept another month longer ...

Two friends came over in late December and were really interested in my studio and all I had out on the blanket racks. One blanket really caught their attention. It's wool with hand-dyed and handspun turquoise mohair that gives the wider stripes a beautiful array of shades from the different dye strength. I alternated mohair with wool so that it wouldn't be too fuzzy overall. So that was a two-shuttle weave, which of course takes more time to alternate shuttles and make sure the two weft threads overlap consistently on the selvedges.

I called this blanket Caribbean Waves ...

If I may say so, this is one of my best blankets ever. I used my own handspun mohair and it's almost 2.20 m (86") long. The handspun mohair (pre-washed before weaving) has kept the width relatively wide at 137 cm (54").

My friends drove off and soonafter the passenger was texting me for the price. The next day the other one emailed me the same question! I had to reply with a bit of a go-around that time, which I hate to do and I'm not all that good at.

The blanket was presented this weekend, and I think it was well-received and appreciated.  Thanks to my friends, and warm regards to you both. :-)

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