Tuesday, 28 April 2015

April's Big Cotton Blankets - Part 1

My big cotton blankets are creating lots of interest and they're very practical for spring and summer, so I made another two sets of them, 16 in total. Two from the first set have arrived in Ottawa for the Mac Fair Bloom Sale on May 9, where Cariboo Handwoven will have a booth. Six more are here and I'll list them below.

First of all, this project was a nice challenge because I wanted to weave cotton blankets in neutral tones but without a perfect supply of colours on hand. This is actually not a problem, it's a solution (or you have to see it that way). Artists often talk about, and even admit, that limitations help them focus on a particular project. If we all had unlimited time and resources, we'd get nothing done, right? This project was a reminder of that and I had to be a bit extra creative to find enough fibres to warp eight blankets, 60" wide on the loom.

Each of the six blankets below has a warp that's a blend of soft beige, natural and some yellows. I wove with more soft colours for some of the blankets, and stronger colours for others. The eight blankets are remarkably diverse, which I always consider a success.

The first four blankets are machine hemmed, and the last two are fringed and a bit more elegant. All are machine washable.

Here they are. As always, feel free to contact me if you're interested in any.

C205 | 100% cotton | 186 cm x 135 cm | (73" x 53") | Sold

C206 | 100% cotton | 182 cm x 137 cm (71.5" x 54") | Sold

C206 Detail | Shades of green

C208 | 100% cotton | 178 cm x 135 cm (70" x 53") | From the Energy Series | Sold

C209 | 100% cotton | 180 cm x 135 cm (71" x 53") | Sold

C210 | 100% cotton, fringed | 178 cm x 135 cm (70" x 53")
From the Energy Series | Sold

C211 | 100% cotton, fringed | 172 cm x 136 cm (67.5" x 53.5") | Shades of blues | Sold

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