Friday, 10 April 2015

A Second Cotton Blanket in Florida

My Canadian friend who spends time in Florida through the year (probably the winter, mostly) bought a second cotton blanket from Cariboo Handwoven. She'd already sent me a photo with her comments for a blog I posted last month.

As soon as she saw this blanket in soft blues and greens at the open house in Collingwood, she immediately thought of her newly refurbished bedroom in the new Florida house. So she had to have it!

Here it is in its new home, at the foot of the bed:

This is my bedroom in Florida where I bought your beautiful blanket for. The colours are perfect and L. and I love it. Thanks so much for your extraordinary work. You have added some wonderful 'Canadian' touches to our southern home. 

I always love to know that my work is being enjoyed in its new home. This is another good example of that, and it gives me a great feeling.

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