Monday, 3 November 2014

Station House Gallery Show

I'm almost ready to deliver blankets, scarves, towels and props to the Station House Gallery in Williams Lake tomorrow. "To Drive the Cold Winter Away" opens on Thursday, November 6 from 5-7 pm and continues to November 22. It's a short time period, just over two weeks, but November is the perfect month to think about facing the upcoming winter.

Taking inspiration from a 17th century Christmas carol,
Joan Beck and Jane Perry's exhibition To Drive the Cold
Winter Away aims to alleviate the dread that comes with
early winter months. "We can embrace winter and see it
as an opportunity to gear down with more time indoors for
reading, crafts, and gathering with friends" the artists illustrate.
Jane's weavings and Joan's pottery, accompanied by a
surprise musical guest, provide the perfect indoor comforts
to get you through another Cariboo winter.

From the germ of an idea in May 2013, through the proposal submission
and acceptance, and then all the collaboration by Joan and me since -
next Thursday will be fun!

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