Monday, 17 November 2014

"Keep Weaving Your Story"

At the opening of "To Drive the Cold Winter Away" a week and a half ago, a friend and very dear person gave me a little gift she'd made, along with a card filled with kind words. Her note ended with: "Keep weaving your story." I was very touched by this gift, and those four words got me thinking.

Keep weaving my story? ... What is that? What is my story?

Stories are big these days. It seems that every person, every product, every thing has its story. I'm warming up to the idea of stories, although initially rather reluctantly. Just in case stories are a trend or a fad, I didn't want to be swept in. But maybe there's something to it, to a story. And if so - what is my story? What is this story I'm to weave?

Answering that question now, my story is who I am at this stage of my life in all that I've done that's made me who I am now. It includes my successes and triumphs, and my failures and goof-ups.  It goes for everyone. Right now, my story is being a weaver, but it's also my other interests: music, horses, running, my community, my province and country, my family, the travels I've done and places I've visited, and more. In other words, my story is all that I've experienced and learned so far in life.

The story I weave brings the style I've developed over decades, often described as fine-textured fabrics with meticulous finishing. Lately, I've added special aspects to my story like my Deep Forest and Energy series. And a new part of my story is "Blankets Aren't Just For Horses!" which is helping connect me with other horse lovers.

I suppose that my story is also what I'm to become. If I weave my story then I'm creating it as well as telling it. The timing is good for this, because as the days grow shorter and colder, those of us in the northern hemisphere are approaching the winter solstice and a new year. Now is the right time to be thinking about weaving my story because I first have to create it in my mind - and my heart.

To other weavers out there - what is the story you're weaving?

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