Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Bath Towels

By now I've sold hundreds of cotton hand towels for the kitchen or bathroom. Coincidentally, two friends recently requested similar towels but in a bath towel size. I noted their colour preferences and finished this project last week.

One friend bought some hand towels in blues and greens that she really liked, and here are samples of the bath towels inspired from them.

The other friend just remodeled her bathroom and had a key colour for bath towels of a pale teal. I had the perfect match in cotton and enjoyed combining it with other colours.

All of these towels should be as absorbent as my smaller hand towels. I hear over and over (and don't mind at all) that my towels are very absorbent and work really well in the kitchen or bathroom. The cotton I use is great, plus I weave in twill structures with thread "floats" that pick up moisture. But I'm very interested to hear how these towels work - are they absorbent, is the size about right, how suitable are the colours based on the initial intentions?

Neither of these projects are commissions and no one has any obligations or expectations. However, early responses from loom photos were very positive, and I'm curious to know if that continues when each requestor sees the real thing.

The bath towels are about 85 cm wide by 130-140 cm long. Let me know if you think bath towels are a good product to make, and if you have any ideas of your own.

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