Friday, 12 September 2014

Bath Towel Reviews

My earlier blog on bath towels led to packaging and delivery and ... oh wow, feedback like I never imagined.

The friend who requested the blue and green ones bought all four: two for her and two as a wedding gift for a young couple.  Here's part of what she emailed me:

I had already decided last night that we were going to keep two of the towels, because I had a bath and tried one out and loved it…. THEN I REMEMBERED AN IMMEDIATE WEDDING GIFT I NEED!!!
Wedding gift need + Jane’s weaving = PERFECT SOLUTION. She will absolutely adore the towels and I think nice (really nice in this case) towels are essential when you begin a new life. People will see [my] towels at least when they use our bathroom! I will be bragging about them when possible….. 

The other friend went a bit happily nuts on Facebook and posted photos of her beautifully remodeled bathroom. And here's what she said to me:

Woweee!!! Those are some GLORIOUS towels! I feel bad calling them 'towels' of art is much more appropriate! 

M. and I are just so impressed, and your personal notes and packaging were just the icing on the cake! And if you get a hankering to do any hand towels, I would love to add a couple of them to the collection! 

A matching bath towel and hand towel - great idea, thank you!

These two examples show once again that, while Cariboo Handwoven is just a small business, it is responses like these that make me feel rich.

Thank you!

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