Thursday, 17 April 2014

April Showers Bring ...

... more studio time!

Any promise of spring is welcome, and we've had some beautiful days lately. But when a light rain begins at dawn and the outlook is a damp and gloomy day, more studio time is the solution.

I've been weaving some interesting scarves this week in response to a friend's request for one or two in black and brown. The warp is black, brown and ivory 2/16 cotton set at 32 threads/inch, which is slightly thicker than sewing thread but not by much. Some of the scarves I wove with more of this cotton, or a range of silks I have on hand both in natural tones and dyed. Here are some samples on the loom. I know they look on the raw side here, but they will transform into nicer cloth when washed and pressed, and make soft, nicely draping scarves that are long enough to wrap around the wearer's neck a few times.

I wish readers a great long weekend!

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  1. I'm following your blog for some time I feel that I must tell you that I love your fabric. I love them all, they are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your work.