Thursday, 10 April 2014

A Winter of Spinning

The good results of a long, dark winter are a line of skeins of handspun wool hanging up to dry.

These skeins of dark grey wool spun up really nicely; the red skein at the end is actually mohair which I'll use sparingly in a special blanket.

The handspun yarns that I use in my handwoven blankets are plied, meaning that they consist of two fibres twisted into a stable yarn. This obviously requires more than twice the time than a single ply. It also means that any of my work using handspun yarns has many hours invested.

Most spinners agree that spinning is meditative and calming (when it's going well) and part of a day well spent. In my case, spinning is often part of an evening well spent.

This handspun wool will work well again in some new blankets.

Note: Photo carefully composed to avoid any remaining snow. :-)

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