Friday, 8 November 2013

This Blanket Tells a Story

The sixth blanket in the "Autumn Storm" series tells a story in more detail than simply the impending storm that I described in previous blogs. Instead of the general approach that reflects the colourful leaves, dark clouds and green conifers, I decided to tell more of a story in this blanket.

The blanket begins with an array of oranges and gold, then moves into light grey and dark grey to illustrate the storm clouds moving in. After the storm, the main colours at the other end of the blanket are those left of the conifers which are shown in two rich shades of dark green. A few pops of the bright leaves are still illustrated with narrow stripes of oranges.

SH036 | 100% wool | Sold

This blanket was a special project to create in my mind and then to weave. I know I'll continue to use nature as my muse for future blankets and other handwoven items.

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