Thursday, 21 November 2013

Jen's Blanket

My friend, Jen, who I know from way back in our university days, now lives in Australia. I can't remember when I gave her this blanket, but I know my sister has one similar to it with the coloured warp. I also know that the warp has to be in the Swedish wool I was able to get long ago, which is great stuff and currently keeping my lap warm with another blanket as I type this.

Here is Jen's blanket:

Jen added with the photo: "The blanket is in our guest room. In a country with no central heating where the ambient room temperature can be 30 degrees or 13 degrees it is very useful!"

It means a lot to me to know that not only does my work last so long, but it's enjoyed throughout its long life. This is another example of that, and I appreciate the photo and comments.

Anyone else with vintage weaving from my pre-Cariboo Handwoven days is welcome to send me a photo with a comment or two that I will gladly share.  More current weaving in its new setting is just as welcome, too.

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