Thursday, 30 May 2013

Third Set of Shetland Wool Blankets

About half of the 50 cones of Shetland wool shown in my last blog have been put into use. The grey warp consists of varying stripes in very dark grey, charcoal and a lively silvery grey. I wove the first blanket in those three greys, and then brought in some colours in successive blankets. I'll weave the last two blankets on this warp with grey and brown machine-spun alpaca for an even more luxurious feel. (Future stock number is below each blanket.)

SH010 in very dark grey, charcoal and silvery grey

SH011 brings in some fall colours with the greys

SH012 is a warm yellowy brown with charcoal and silvery grey stripes
SH013 has squares in two shades of blue against silvery grey

SH014 has two blue shades with a rich green - super gorgeous

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