Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Easter

In the last week, I've received a lot of much-appreciated interest in what I'm doing ... this is all kind of hard to believe!  Thanks, everyone.  I've really enjoyed all your ideas and support.

My friend EM was intrigued by the "alive greens" I'm weaving and I sent her this photo. I'm weaving big cotton blankets in twill variations and this one is about 25% chenille.  The chenille weft alternates with regular spun cotton so that it's not too heavy a blanket, but still soft and cozy.  I've never done this before!

Handwoven fabric always turns from intersecting fibres on the loom into true fabric when it's washed, and this is another example of a potential transformation during washing.

I'm almost finished this warp of about 25 metres.  By this stage, I think many weavers are dying to finish up and get onto something else.  My next project will not be predominantly green!

I'm always open to ideas and feedback.  Have a great long weekend.


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