Friday, 13 April 2012

Green Blankets

The green blankets are off the loom and in various stages of finishing. It is always exciting to finish the weaving and unwind all the cloth onto my lap and then haul me and the roll of cloth off the bench.  And then ... unwind it on the floor and see it lengthened out!

Weaving always brings me surprises, surprises of all types.  There are the wonderful surprises of experimenting with a new weave structure, or combinations of colours, or something often unplanned that proves to be amazing. The other types of surprises we call experience.  In this case, the chenille blankets include some fatal flaws that make them unsellable in my opinion, and the lovely mousey taupe chenille looks pinky against the luscious and alive green.  A colour specialist probably could have predicted that. However, the cloth itself has a lovely weight and I have some ideas for other projects for the herringbone twill with one-quarter chenille, and I can't wait to get to that and put some of my new experience aside.

Here's a cotton blanket on the loom:

And here's the part-chenille blanket:

Well, good luck on this Friday the 13th!


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