Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Bath Towels

A studio visitor in June came over specifically to talk about bath towels as a wedding gift to a family member. She was looking for two bath towels with hand towels. We joked they would not be matchy-matchy, but just closey-matchy. That means the smaller hand towels would probably have a slightly different warp but I would match up the horizontal weft pattern that I weave to make them look like sets. I've done this before and it looks great.

Seven bath towels in blues are ready for drop-off and viewing tomorrow.

What doesn't have a closey-matchy hand towel woven to make a pair will just go on its own.

Obviously, I've been working quite a bit with blues ... time for more greens, purples, oranges and burgundy.

Yes, it is GOOD to be back in the studio!

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