Thursday, 19 January 2017

Letting Go

I recently learned that letting go of some of my work can be surprisingly hard to do.

It all started when an artist friend wrote me awhile ago and said: "Whenever I sell a painting ... it's always a little bitter/sweet ... but more sweet than bitter by far, knowing my craft is appreciated."

My philosophy has most often been that the more work that leaves my studio, the more fun I have ahead to replace it. That motivates me even more than I normally feel (which is a lot). To me, it's less the bu$ine$$ part of Cariboo Handwoven and instead feeling that my work is in demand - which makes me happy.

But when this blanket recently left my studio ... after the buyer examined it closely to make her decision ... I remembered my efforts in the two-shuttle weaving, adding some very compatible handspun wool, and struggling a bit with the fuzzy mohair on the shuttle bobbins.

The blanket came out beautifully and extra long at 195 cm (77"). Then it received many compliments but just never found a new home until now.

When I packaged it up and carried it out to the buyer's car with her, I realized what the artist meant: that bittersweet moment. Now I get it.

I know this blanket has gone to a good home, and can be returned easily for handwashing which I always extend as part of the sale. Farewell, and thanks for the memories!

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