Thursday, 12 November 2015

Inspiration in Italy

I'm on my way home from three glorious weeks in Italy: Tuscany to be more precise. Pat and I know Italy a bit from previous travels. This time we decided to begin and end in Florence, and stay in two good locations for walking in the countryside while still being able to enjoy town life. We never rent a car, we just take busses and trains. And we walk ...

Staying for a week or longer in a rented flat is perfect for us. Instead of moving on just after we figure out the medieval street plan, the different venues that sell bus tickets for different locations, or whatever other delightful little quirk Italy has to throw at us, we lived in each town for longer and really felt part of it. Of course, we stood out as tourists, but we couldn't beat the daily rhythm we created of long walks and good food.

I embarked on this adventure with the hopes of bringing home some new ideas for my weaving, possibly a new collection inspired by what I saw and felt in Italy. Here are some of the ideas I have to develop. They're not necessarily good photos, but they each give me some inspiration to consider and maybe apply later.

Ciao, Italia - arrivederci e grazie!


  1. Looks like you had a great time - the idea of staying in one place and visiting it is definitely appealing. The photos look great.

  2. Are you thinking creating some yellow-y or green-y warp lines?
    Can you make big, sinuous lines?