Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Kitchen Cloths for Friends

Often at the end of a warp for cotton towels or blankets comes a short section of yarns that I refuse to waste. (Or, worse yet, one section will be short by one turn from beaming, and so I'm left with extra warp on either side of this short section. Fortunately, that happens less often these days.) However, my error gives me the opportunity to make little kitchen cloths, as I call them. Kitchen cloths are little towel samples with selvedges or machine hemming on all sides, so they're durable in the wash and useful as towels for many years.

Kitchen cloths are handy as:
  • Table napkins
  • Kitchen counter wipes 
  • Dishwashing cloths
  • Backpack towel
  • Gift wrapping
  • And more!

One of the ways I can invisibly link different friends, without them knowing, is to give them matching kitchen cloths. This happens, for example, when I wrap some of Pat's flatbread in a kitchen cloth for a friend, and another friend will receive her kitchen cloth wrapped around a CD.

(Allow me to please do a little shout-out for the latest album by Drum and Bell Tower  - Out of the Time. This is incredibly good music and I want to share it with everyone.)

If I have a kitchen cloth left to use for myself, then I have that little link with my friends, too.

Weaving brings us all together. :-)

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