Monday, 14 September 2015

A Happy Blanket

A friend of mine bought a wool blanket back in March 2013 and has used it lots and enjoyed it a great deal. I was really happy to see a photo on Facebook in which she and her two young grandkids are cuddled up under it and reading together. This blanket was woven in twill blocks and the weft has two colours going all the time, giving it quite a textured and interesting look.

Here it is before washing:

My friend was recently at my studio to buy some towels, and she'd brought her blanket after remembering my offer to all blanket owners that I'll happily hand wash it when they'd like. I have to officially recommend dry cleaning, but gentle and careful hand washing is actually better for the fibres, and it will plump them up and soften them a little.

This was all very helpful for me to see: a blanket after over two years of use - very nice, no wear or problems - and how it looked after another washing. Even better!

Update: The blanket owner emailed me after receiving her blanket back and said: 
"The blanket looks better than ever (if that is possible). I can’t wait to snuggle into my favorite chair with it this evening. Thanks for the tender loving care, Jane."

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