Friday, 29 August 2014

Blanket Collectors

One of the most gratifying parts of being a weaver and running my own business is to see how some blanket lovers begin their own collection of Cariboo Handwoven wool blankets.

One collector has two blankets of the same dark brown handspun weft woven on slightly different warps but in the same twill block pattern.

This pair looks stunning together in the family room on leather furniture with big windows looking out to the Gatineau hills. They're perfect for wrapping up to read or chat. I blogged about these blankets a few weeks ago.

Another blanket collector has three wool blankets - the first two she bought in 2012. Below, one blanket includes handspun mohair, and the second one is pure wool and goes well with it, which she was careful to check during the selection. Both blankets were also woven in turned twill, or what I call twill blocks.

Her third blanket, below, she bought earlier this month after taking it home to check with the first two.  Here's the detailed pattern in two shades of wool and brushed mohair.

I suppose that one measure of a blanket's usefulness is the expansion of it into a collection. That keeps me busy and makes me happy!

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