Thursday, 5 June 2014

11th Batch of Shetland Wool Blankets

After all the cotton towels, blankets and scarves, it was time to return to my standby - Shetland wool blankets. I'm using a twill pattern that produces interesting circles, a refreshing change from all the diamonds. I wanted to produce lighter-coloured blankets, so the warp is a pale brown, silvery grey and cream - perfect for summer.

The first three blankets would give poor photos, so I skipped them. Two are in pure Shetland wool, and then the next is about one-quarter brushed mohair in two shades. The variations in colours from one end of the blanket to another will be really interesting when it's washed, and I expect it will be one deluxe blanket. Here are the colours:

Weft colours used for SH061 - two shades of Shetland wool and two of brushed mohair

The fourth blanket brings in some rich shades of blue:

SH062 on Loom

And the fifth blanket finally gave me the right feeling of "got it."

SH063 on Loom

This blanket continues the variations in final results from one warp:

SH064 on Loom

One more to weave, then I'll post photos and info for all of the blankets when they're fringed, washed and ready to go.

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