Tuesday, 12 February 2013

First Two Shetland Wool Blankets Finished

My earlier blog on these blankets woven of Shetland wool gives some background, and now two blankets are finished and ready to go. The first blanket (SH001) is pure Shetland wool and it softened up very nicely during the washing and pressing stages.

I wove two blankets with fine, machine-spun alpaca, and here is A206.

The alpaca blanket had very little take-in widthwise, with a finished width of 140 cm (55"). This blanket has the luxuriousness of alpaca, and and it's high-quality stuff from Exotic Fibers in Alberta. I have lots more left on hand for future blankets.

The pure Shetland wool blankets will sell for $230 each, and those with alpaca will be $300. Taxes and shipping are additional.

I'm already planning my next blanket project with Shetland wool, this time in predominantly greys and browns, and I'm thinking of weaving it in complex 8-harness twills like I do for my towels. I think I'll be using this Shetland wool for a long time, so there will be many opportunities to experiment with the design.

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