Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Long Life of a Blanket

Cariboo Handwoven blankets last a long time. I like to point this out because it helps to show the value of something that is handmade and well-made, in contrast to a similar machine-produced article for a lower price.

A local friend owns a long-wearing wool-blend blanket made of Bergå wool from Sweden with handspun wool and handspun mohair. It has softened up very well with use, and all it needed to improve its looks was a careful handwashing and a few minutes of brushing to remove the "pills."  This blanket looks new again and yet it's probably close to 20 years old. Thanks to TM for this photo:

Over time, Cariboo Handwoven blankets soften up and are nicer and nicer to use. Any pills can be easily pulled or brushed off. These blankets actually improve with time - just like all of us. :-)

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