Monday, 5 November 2012

Silky Scarves

My latest project on the big loom is a series of cotton and cotton-blend scarves in undulating twill. I used to weave scarves often, and usually in very fine cottons and silks. It's good to back.

The warp starts with dark blue on the left, then morphs into purple, then morphs again into a bluey-red on the right. This is producing a beautiful effect of colour blends. The weave structure is undulating twill, which lives up to its name by producing dreamy waves across the cloth.

At 32 threads per inch, the cotton is very fine and not much thicker than thread. These scarves are taking awhile to weave! But I think they'll be worth it. The pure cotton scarves will be very silky, and then I am also planning to weave with bamboo (first time) and silk. At the second scarf, I'm already keen to finish all eight scarves, fringe them, wash them and see how they look. Typical for me ...

Here are two samples on the loom:

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