Tuesday, 2 December 2014

What's Available on Dec. 2, 2014

I've recently received several enquiries about what I have available for sale. This being early December, here's the latest. Please check the labels on the right-hand side of my blog for more sample photos and information. (And please note that taxes are additional to the prices listed.)

Cotton hand towels for the kitchen or bathroom ($30) - available from Alison in Ottawa, my studio, and Bloom 'N' Gifts in Williams Lake.

Cotton bath towels ($80) - from Alison or me. If you're thinking "bath towels?!!??" then here's a good blog to acquaint you with their usefulness.

Cotton blankets ($115-$170) - Alison has a few, I have two big ones and a few smaller, Dandelion Living in Williams Lake has a good selection, and more new ones are underway (like literally before and after I type this).

Shetland wool blankets ($250) - try Alison (new shipment arriving tomorrow), me, and Cariboo Growers and the Station House Gallery in Williams Lake.

Deluxe wool and handspun alpaca blanket ($350) - I have this one!

This blanket measures 192 cm x 130 cm (75.5" x 51") and is soft and plush from the handspun alpaca, which is from Heritage Valley, Williams Lake. (I did the spinning and it's lovely fibre.)

  • Alison Perry in Ottawa is at: alison "at" cariboohandwoven "dot" ca
  • I'm in Williams Lake, BC at: jane "at" cariboohandwoven "dot" ca - or my cariboojane email address if you know it.
  • All Williams Lake locations are on Facebook as far as I know, but please contact me if you need help finding them.

I can easily send photos, measurements and any information you need. This is becoming a more common way of distance purchases for Cariboo Handwoven.

Enjoy the season!

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